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The Speech That Started It All...

Not to miss! Read the speech [pdf] that Doug gave at his Northeastern graduation ceremony in front of President Bill Clinton that got him invited to the White House!

Regional & National Newspaper Articles

Doug is sure to cause a stir wherever he goes. Read about his journey through the eyes of the press in these newspaper articles [pdf].

Letters of Support & Achievement

Doug has touched the hearts of thousands of people, read what some of them have to say in these letters of support & achievement [pdf].


Doug has been in numerous Newspaper articles over the years since his trip to the White House in 1993.

He has also amassed quite a few compliments from former clients. Just what have they had to say?

Read on to find out!

Client Testimonials

  • "I have such fond memories of our meeting in the White House and, of course, [Doug’s]terrific speech at Northeastern University’s commencement."
    ~ Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States 


  • "I always love hearing about real "Possibility Thinkers," and [Doug] fits that description perfectly! I applaud [his] determination and perseverance! [Doug is] setting new standards for excellence and [he is] an inspiration to all of us!"
    ~ Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Senior Pastor, The Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

  • "I will keep [Doug’s] speech here as part of my permanent files. It's an understatement to say again what a fine young man [he is]. It was an honor to have [Doug] at the Kennedy Library."
    ~ Susan K. O'Brien, Education Department, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston, MA

  • "Douglas compares most favorably to the brightest students I have taught in the Masters program at Harvard.I have no doubt that he will be an asset to your program and to the field [of education]."
    ~Janine Bempechat, Ed.D, Assistant Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

  • "Doug, in my life I have three types of moments: moments of misery, moments of truth, and moments of magic. I want you to know you provided me with a moment of magic!"
    ~James W. Coghlin, Chief Quality Officer and President, Coghlin Electric, Worcester, MA

  • “Doug is a man of humanity, humor, and hunger. He spoke to a gymnasium of 1,000 people in Carlsbad, CA, at the request of my daughter. He did not touch 1,000 hearts that day; he touched 1 heart 1,000 times. What a memory - what a speaker!" ~ Don Ogan, President, Aroma Housewares, Co., San Diego, CA

  • "[Doug’s] enthusiasm, determination, and heartfelt expression on [his] life views proved to be quite an inspiration for all of us who were in attendance."  ~Jeffrey M. Ederer, Area Director Housing Services, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


  • "I would like to acknowledge [Doug’s] superb presentation. [His] comments were cogent and delivered in a very professional manner. I know of few people who could have done so well in such a highly charged setting.[He is] a credit to the College, and I consider ourselves fortunate to count [Doug] as one of our alumni."
    ~ David P. Boyd, Dean, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

  • "It is not every day that we hear of someone overcoming the obstacles brought on by poverty and homelessness. I cannot thank [Doug] enough for sharing [his] incredible story will all of us."
    ~ Richard E. Ring, Executive Director, Pine Street Inn, Boston, MA

  • “Doug Luffborough has provided his gifts and talents of making a difference in the lives of youths throughout the Antelope Valley for many years and has touched thousands with his motivation and spirit.”  ~ Lori Goodell, Past President, Antelope Valley Youth Mentoring and Education Chairperson for the Antelope Valley Human Relations Committee

  • “It has been wonderful working with Doug!  He has the charisma and energy to work with any group. His enthusiasm and genuine positive attitude are evident in everything he does. He is sincere, versatile and works well beyond what is expected.” ~ Nellie Dougherty, Outreach Coordinator/EOPS Counselor, San Diego Mesa College

  • "This was by far the most dynamic Senior Recognition Breakfast we’ve had in 17 years!! Everyone was thrilled – you connected so well with our students that they’re still talking about it (as is the staff!) Thanks so much for sharing your powerful story with them – the message that comes across is one that will stay with them forever."  ~ Pam Boisvert, Vice President, Colleges of Worcester Consortium, Inc.

  • "Doug was tremendous! What a perfect person to have as a speaker for this event! His story of perseverance is incredible and his delivery was both entertaining and inspiring. That WILL be a tough one to top next year!" ~ Mike Vigneux, Director of Public Affairs, Colleges of Worcester Consortium, Inc.


  • “When I was asked to be the Campaign Chair for the United Way of Dutchess County in 2009, our first plan of action was to identify a guest speaker who could motivate and galvanize our community at our campaign kick-off.  Somebody who can genuinely speak about overcoming adversity and the benefits of the programs we fund and the community impact organizations like the United Way are trying to have.  For me, there was only one person I could think of that represents true “triumph” and that one person is Doug Luffborough who helped us reach our goal of over $1.7M."       ~Tyrone Muse, CFO Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union


  • “Mr. Luffborough is a dynamic speaker that illuminates the heart and mind, while opening the possibilities of the human potential.  He provides the motivation and relevancy needed to move our children to the 21st Century rigors.  His experiences as a Board Member, CEO and Harvard Graduate provide a rich testimony that anything is possible.” ~Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D., Superintendent Chula Vista Elementary School District


  • "Having Doug Luffborough speak at our urban summit for executive leadership was a great decision!   Doug’s story of being a struggling inner city youth facing homelessness and poverty was one that most of the leaders in the forum are very familiar with in their roles as urban school district administrators.  Doug’s story of triumph from Homeless to Harvard left them inspired to continue their work to help disadvantaged youth in their systems.  His passion, dedication, and ability to motivate others to turn hearts makes him one of a kind!" ~Lisa Finley,Vice-President, Western Region, Renaissance Learning Inc.


  • “We had Doug present at our “Administrative Kick off Day” at the beginning of the school year. Doug is an exceptional speaker and professional development trainer. Doug’s story and ability to connect with our administrative team kicked off our school year in the best way possible.  We are very grateful for the God given talents that Doug possesses—it is a gift that has inspired our team to do our best.”  - Dr. Edwin Gomez, Superintendent, Adelanto Elementary School District


  • "For the past four years I have chosen to have Doug Luffborough as a presenter for our 9th grade retreat. Doug is a dynamic, multi-talented presenter who possesses the ability to connect with our students in a special way." -Teresa Collis, Principal, Oceanside High School

  • "Doug Luffborough was the keynote at MinnCAP’s Annual Training Conference in 2016. His story is one of struggle, heart-break, perseverance, and triumph. Doug captured the audience with his story as an inner-city youth struggling with poverty and homelessness, who made decisions to escape the chaos that surrounded him. Many attendees stated that Doug was the highlight of the conference. Doug is a survivor, and we are so happy he was able to be a big part of our conference this year. After reading his book, Watch Me Rise, I have a deep respect for the struggle that Doug and his family went through. He has a never give up attitude which carried him all the way to Harvard and beyond. I appreciate his passion as he continues to exceed the expectations of those naysayers who doubted him when he was younger. He is a testament to never giving up!" -Leah Pauletti, Director of Operations, Minnesota Community Action Partnership (MinnCAP)
  • "Dr. Doug 'Dr. Luff' Luffborough speaks to the hearts of his audience.  He is a gifted speaker with the power to transform his audience by opening their minds, invoking empathy, and establishing a deep understanding of the realities many of our students are challenged with including poverty, institutionalized racism, domestic abuse, and homelessness.  Through the sharing of his amazing personal story, Dr. Luff inspires and lifts everyone in the audience so that they rise to meet their purpose. If you need a heart-inspired speaker or educational consultant, Dr. Luff is the perfect choice!"  -Carmen Diaz-French, Superintendent, Piner-Olivet Union School District